Leak Specialists

There has never been a leak our company could not find.

We refer to these tricky leaks as "ghost leaks" which only occur at certain times in certain areas.

AM Best Roofing, the original, "Ghost 'Leak' Busters".

Residential Properties

Our residential clients are located throughout the state of Florida.

We pride ourselves in listening to what a residential client needs.

This could be as simple as a bullet hole repair in a roof, a flashing leak, missing shingles/tiles or a complete re-roof.

Municipal Properties

Municipal buildings are comprised of Federal, State and Local Governmental buildings.

These buildings usually require security clearance to work on them.

Our Company has security clearances for work on government buildings as needed. Some of our Federal Government clients include Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms (ATF), Secret Service, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and U.S. Customs.

Our municipal clients include City buildings, police departments, recreation centers, day care centers, etc.

Commercial Properties

Commercial properties consist of shopping centers, office buildings, office parks, warehouses, sports complexes, etc. These properties are either corporate managed, self managed, or managed through a property management company.

The most important aspect of the roofing system is maintenance, and immediate repairs of deficiencies in the roofing system.

Roof maintenance will extend the longevity of the roofing system. Immediate roof repairs for leaks will minimize future costs and protect the building from further interior damage.

Roof Maintenance and immediate roof repairs help businesses avoid business interruption due to roof leak issues.

High Density Residential

High Density Residential is comprised of condominiums, apartment complexes, town homes, and homeowner associations. Each of these residences have different as well as similar issues.

Condominiums are usually governed by a Board of Directors who self manage or hire a Management Company to make decisions concerning common areas. Roofs usually being the most problematic of the common areas. It is normally not the unit owner's responsibility to have their roofs repaired. Unit owner's experience interior damage due to roof leaks and are often in a state of distress due to roof repair delays on the part of the Association or Management Company.

We can assist by supplying the most pertinent solution to roofing problems by presenting repair solutions which are understandable to Management and Associations.