Leak Specialists

There has never been a leak our company could not find.

We refer to these tricky leaks as "Ghost Leaks." At AM Best Roofing, we are the original “Ghost Leak Busters.”

Get the leak, before it gets you!

Residential Properties

Our residential clients are located throughout the State of Florida.

We pride ourselves in listening to the needs of our clients.

There could be problem as simple as a bullet hole in the roof, a flashing problem, missing shingles or tile, or a complete re-roof.

We are ready to work for you!

Municipal Properties

Municipal properties such as City, County, State, and Federal Government buildings are included in the work we have completed.

Our work includes Police Departments, City Hall buildings, Park and Recreation buildings, and City-funded Day Care Centers to name a few.

Let us work for you to bring pride to your city!

Commercial Properties

It is vital for commercial properties to provide access to the public, and workers. Roof leaks may cause hazardous conditions or possibly closure of the business.

Roof maintenance and timely repairs will extend the life of your roof, keep leaks to a minimum, and provide a safe environment for workers and customers.

Call us for your roof maintenance and repair needs. We are ready!

High Density Residential

Condominiums, apartment complexes, townhomes, and homeowner associations are serviced by our company on a daily basis.

We serve these communities by supplying solutions to roofing problems by presenting easy to understand recommendations for Management and Homeowner Associations.

Call us for your roofing solution today!