Roof Maintenance

Roof Inspections

Want to know the condition of your roof? The roof’s life expectancy, condition, and any or all deficiencies will be listed in detail along with accompanying photos of your roof. If any roof repairs are required, we will also include a proposal for repair.

When a roof is inspected and repairs are completed helps prevent future issues, and keeps current roof problems from getting worse and damaging the interior of your home.

Roof Maintenance

For a commercial, or industrial roof, maintenance is a must, especially as the roof ages. It is best to have an annual roof maintenance program. This insures your roof is in it’s best condition which serves to mitigate roof problems before they occur.

In addition, a record of roof maintenance will be valuable when the roof is storm damaged, since insurance claims can be denied citing lack of roof maintenance.

Roof Repairs

Roof repairs come in all shapes and sizes. You can rest assured we have seen just about everything when it comes to repairs. It is important to choose a company which is experienced with a good understanding of leak sources and successfully completing repairs.

We have an excellent understanding of how roofing systems are designed which is imperative for tracing the sources of leaks. Once the source of the leak is discovered, we then outline a solution to stop the leak.

A large number of leaks we inspect have already had one or multiple unsuccessful repairs attempted. This is where our experience and knowledge of roofing systems results in successful repairs.

We repair all types of roofing systems from flat roofs, to pitched roofs including shingle, tile and metal systems.

If you are experiencing any size of roof leak or repair issues no matter what roofing system, we are here for you. We stand ready to assist with any of your roof repair needs!

New Roofing / Re-Roofing

Different types of roofing systems offered:


Using only high quality Florida Building Code approved materials, we tear off the existing roof down to the wood deck, then re-nail the wood according to the current building code. Then, new underlayments and all aluminum flashings will be installed along with new asphalt shingles. A variety of shingle colors and styles are available to upgrade the building exterior.

Tile Roofs

The roofs are popular in the South Florida area and come in a large selection of colors and profiles. We take care when removing the existing roof and carefully disposing of the old tile. Once the old roof is removed, there are two layers of underlayments installed, along with new aluminum flashings. The tile selected by the customer is then installed making a great improvement in the appearance of the building.

Metal Roofs

When it comes to strength to strength and durability, nothing surpasses the metal roof. No matter what type of roof you have now, it can be changed to a metal roofing system. We tear off the existing roof down to the wood deck, the deck is then re-nailed according to the current building code. Two layers of underlayments are installed as well as the metal panels with the color and profile according to the client’s choice.

Flat Roofs

We specialize in torch down and TPO and PVC flat roof systems. Flat roofs are torn off down to the original deck. Roof insulation is then installed as necessary or by request. Underlayments, aluminum flashings and top roofing layer are then installed. These roofs occasionally require additional air conditioning or mechanical work which we can coordinate with a professional A/C company.